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SkinCrafter 3.7.1 ML Full For VB, C++, Delphi etc | 33 Mb

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SkinCrafter is a mature, stable, and comprehensive GUI design software solution that allows you to create custom skins for your new or legacy Windows based applications. SkinCrafter is compatible with Win98/ME/NT/2K/2003/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

With its exclusive skin maker library, implemented as a standard Windows ActiveX control, SkinCrafter lets you design unique styles using creative special effects for fully interactive GUI development and more. SkinCrafter is compatible with a large range of development languages, tools, and frameworks including Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Microsoft DotNet (x86 + x64), and the Win32 SDK.

SkinCrafter is a custom skinization implementation library, which allows users to create unique looking applications or use pre-created design elements, fully interactive user interfaces and much more. SkinCrafter will allow you to create skinnable applications.An ActiveX desktop application skinization library SkinCrafter supports all common programming languages including Windows Forms (.NET), MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Borland C# Builder, Borland C++ Builder.

· Support of all WIN32 platforms including .NET applications
· Support of all common programming languages including MS Visual C++, MS Visual Basic, Borland Delphi, Windows Forms (.NET)
· It is flexible enough to do either entire application or group of one-type controls or separate controls skinization with a single line call
· Allows you to provide multiple easy to switch, in run time interfaces for your applications
· Skin Editor that is supplied with SkinCrafter allows you to create and use custom unique looking skins
· Custom regions allows to make any shape forms using SkinCrafter Region Editor
· Flexible controls customization including resizing, reshaping, recoloring for all Windows elements

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  2. Via Sharebeast - 33 Mb
  3. Via Migahost - 33 Mb

Staff dan Member Secret-Codes Turut Duka Cita Sedalam Dalam nya atas kepergian ibunda

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[MEGA PACK] Collection of Source Codes [VB6]

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Runtime Crypter [Source Only]
Super Stealer (Source)
Runtime Crypter
James's Crypter 2.0 [FULL SOURCE+STUBS]
White Crypter
TNT Crypter
Shadow Crypter
Squezer crypter
Redix Crypter
Schwarze Sonne crypter
prjcOne Crypter
Polifemo Ebrio Crypter
Open Crypter
NT2 Crypter
OhShin Crypter
Niller Crypter
Multi Crypter
Indetectables Packer Crypter
Indetectables crypterv1.2b
spam Crypter V.4
spam Crypter V.3
Evil Crypter v1
Dr.True Crypter
CodingNation Crypter
Christmas Crypter
carb0n crypter 1.7 [fix]
carb0n crypter 1.6
Carb0n Crypter 1.3
Butcher Exer
Biohazard Crypter
Runtime Crypter
Viotto Binder
Biohazard Binder
m3m0´s Crypter 2.0
[ASF]Schwarze Sonne
Simple Crypter
Scantime Crypter
Extra-Element Crypter
iUac Disabler
BabyRAT v2 [SRC]
Encrypter (String to Hex, Hex to String, String Reverse, Base64, Debase64, String to Chr$ (One way), ROT13, XOR, DeXOR, Blowfish, SHA256 (One way), CryptAPI, DES (Data Encryption Standard), GOST, RC4, Skipjack, TEA (Tiny Encryption Algorithm), Twofish)
Trojan RAT
Aqua RAT
BioNukE - RAT
gHack Pro
Ominous RAT
RAT Myst Eclipse
Sa3eka RAT Attacker
Remote administrator tool
Slayers RAT
SniperNet 2.2
Toxic Project - RAT
MSN Password Stealer
MSN Spammer
MSN Password Stealer (New one, not the same)
Metus 1.7
MSN Freezer
HWID ( Hardware ID Anti - Leach )
Flag System
Extract Icon
File Spliter
Cat + File Transfer
Ddoser Source
Basic Proxy
Capture Webcam
API Modules
539 IRC Bot
Advanced Firewall
File Manager



1000 sources en vb6

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