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Audiobulb Records AMBIENT v3.0 Full | 17 Mb

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Soundscape Generator - Standalone
Audiobulb Records has released Ambient, a multi-effect standalone software module by Christopher Hipgrave and Mike Podolak.

A unique ambient soundscape generator. AMBIENT is capable of producing a vast array of ambient textures, from the bizarre to the beautiful. AMBIENT processes any sound you care to load into it. The possibilities are endless.

Ambient features

Granular sampler with random pitch function.
Amplitude envelope with a trigger speed control.
Three pitch shift controls for adding extra layers to the sound.
Tape delay.
Multi-mode filter.
Ambient reverb.

Password : No

Download Here :

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MacDrive Pro (x86/x64) Full Activation | 16 Mb

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Once you've tried MacDrive, you'll kick yourself for not installing it sooner. With MacDrive on a Windows PC no longer are Mac disks ignored and unable to be used. MacDrive helps Mac disks act and appear like normal Windows disks. You can drag-and-drop to copy files in either direction, or double-click to open documents directly from Mac disks. MacDrive works with just about anything you can throw at it, including hard drives, CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, floppies, iPods, flash drives, Zip, Jaz, MO, DMG virtual disk files and more.

Simplify cross-platform computing
MacDrive takes the guesswork out of sharing files. Whether you are transferring files between home and the office, a class room lab and your dorm room or even on the same computer, MacDrive makes it painless.

In fact, you'll hardly know MacDrive is working. Once installed MacDrive will automatically give you access to any Mac disk you pop into your computer. MacDrive even puts an "apple" icon on the Mac disk, just to keep things clear.

You can access files on the Mac disk just like you would with a Windows formatted disk. Open files from the disk or from within a program. Mac files automatically get the right icons and file name extensions under both Windows and Mac OS. Works great with software from Microsoft, Adobe, FileMaker, Avid, Digidesign, NewTek and more.

Create Mac CDs, DVDs, even format hard drives
Accessing the files is great, but MacDrive doesn't stop there. You can create Mac disks for file transfers and backups using the MacDrive CD/DVD Creator. Need to partition or repair a Mac hard drive? No problem. The MacDrive Disk Manager gives you the power to partition, format, analyze and even repair disks.

MacDrive really does simplify cross-platform computing. If you live in both a PC and Mac world you owe it to yourself to get MacDrive today.

Home Page -
Medicine : Include
Password : No

Download Here :

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iStudiez Pro v1.1.1 MacOSX | 12 Mb

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iStudiez Pro…A student's life is a dizzying mix of activity and just plain craziness! Take charge of your schedule and put iStudiez Pro to work for you! Take advantage of iStudiez Pro easy navigation and never miss another course, lecture and lab, track tasks and deadlines, plan homework, arrange assignments and much more!

Are you a student surviving high school, college or university epoch?
Are you a teacher aiming to track down all the courses and classes you lead?
Are you a parent trying to take care of your kids and to catch up while they are in elementary?
Then iStudiez Pro is for you!

Once you start using the app you will immediately want nothing else to be the tool to arrange all your schedule and homework once and for good. Read below and find out why iStudiez Pro would be the most efficient app on your device!


Mac version syncs with iStudiez Pro on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

With iStudiez Pro you can easily:

Organize Your Schedule

Unique built-in planner lets you input and easy manage all types of schedules including classic, alternating (A & B weeks), rotating and block schedule. Not only you can enter most common course details, but also add instructors with all related information such as office hours, affiliation, phone number and email address. As well you are welcome to add holiday periods and even cancel separate classes in case of outstanding events. In addition, you are supplied with an expanded set of icons designed especially for iStudiez Pro to mark your class types and extracurricular activities. Color labels are available for your convenience to mark each particular course.

Follow Up With Your Homework

Special section is dedicated to keep track of your homework and assignments. Whatever is the way you are used to manage your tasks, you will find it all in iStudiez Pro. Either you want to organize your assignments by date or by course or by priority or sort them into pending and completed, you have all options at your hand. Sometimes you might have group work, so it is envisaged that you can add a partner to any of your assignments (either choose from contacts or create a new contact right inside the app).

Stay Updated

Once your schedule is added, the summary of current classes and tasks is automatically reflected in Today view. You'll see list of events and assignments including all details such as event type, location, time left, class instructor, number of tasks pending and what's next on schedule. Courses reflected in Today view are easily modifiable in each and every detail. Today icon always sticks you to the current date!

Track Your Grade/GPA

This option is based on assignments (support of weighted/non-weighted assignments), and GPA calculator is available both for current and past semesters. Support of most world used grading scales (letter grades, percents, points).

Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

Homepage :
Password : No

Download Here :

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OCRKit 1.13 Multilingual MacOSX | 13 Mb

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OCRKit is a simple and streamlined Mac application to convert your PDF or image graphics into searchable PDF. OCRKit uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to recognize the text in the graphic, which is particularly useful for PDF received via e-mail, created by DTP, office applications, with a scanner or copier.

Create searchable PDFs simply by dragging a document on the OCRKit application or dock icon.
The OCR engine supports the following languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Multi-page documents
No limits in the number of pages of the PDF or TIFF document. No limits on the number of pages that can be proceed a day.

Simply drag and drop
Just drag and drop the document onto the OCRKit application or dock icon and the files are converted instantly.

AppleScript support
OCRKit includes AppleScript support so that professionals can use it for programmed batch conversion.

Import Format
The following file formats can be read:
PDF, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PNG, PNM, BMP as well as OpenEXR.

Export Format
The following file formats can be saved:
PDF (Portable Document Format), HTML (HyperText Markup Language), RTF (Rich Text Format) and TXT (UTF-8 encoded plain text).

Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese,
Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional)

Homepage :
Password : No

Download Here :

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ExactScan Pro 2.23.4 MacOsX | 13 Mb

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The new ExactScan Pro version includes an OCR engine to create easily searchable documents with a fingertip on-the-fly. Just select the language from your document in the OCR preferences and start to scan - some number crunching and a few seconds later you receive your searchable document.

• nearly 400 native built-in drivers for PC document scanners from Avision, Canon, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Oki, Visioneer and Xerox
• support for third party ImageCapture and TWAIN drivers
• save to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, BMP, PNM
• advanced image processing algorithms
• auto-crop & de-skew
• blank page removal
• direct scan to print
• profiles to configure scan workflow

ExactScan Pro additionally includes:

? OCR to directly create searchable PDF files
? Imprinter to print flexible text into the scanned image
? barcode recognition to file stacks by barcodes
? batch processing of existing image files

The following languages are supported by the OCR: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Norwegian.

Detailed scanner support list at:

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.7 or OS X 10.8

Password : No

Download Here :
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Smith Micro Anime Studio Pro 9.2 Incl Keymaker - Mac OSX | 230 Mb

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Anime Studio Pro is perfect for professionals looking for a more efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation. The intuitive and affordable feature set offers a solution to traditional animation tasks that are not available anywhere else at the same price point. With an intuitive interface, a visual content library and powerful features such as a bone rigging system, bitmap to vector conversion, integrated lip-synching, 3D modeling, physics, motion tracking, a character wizard and more, Anime Studio Pro delivers advanced animation tools to speed up your workflow.


Bone Rigging
Bone-rigging is a fast and efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation. Add a skeleton to any image by pointing and clicking to create bones that overlay the parts of your image, to control arms or legs for example. Then bring your image to life by moving any individual bone point to create the pose or motion you want, while keeping your project organized with the sequencer and timeline.

Revolutionary Smart Bones
New in Anime Studio Pro 9, Smart Bones is an incredible feature that reduces or entirely removes distortion around your character's joints - specifically around knees and elbows. Group a set of points and use the Smart Bones control levers to create 3D looking motion that you can easily repeat with the turn of a dial. For example with Smart Bones you can control facial expressions and head-turning on a character with simple lever movements instead of having to touch each bone point. Smart Bones makes it MUCH easier to repeat complex movements and control your rigged elements.

Import Photoshop Files
Import your existing Photoshop files with all layers intact. Changes made in Photoshop instantly appear in the imported file in Anime Studio, allowing you to continually refine your Photoshop document. Many Photoshop features are supported in the imported PSD files, including blending modes, layer opacity, smart objects and smart filters. Groups are also supported and can be set up in Photoshop to automatically get imported into Anime Studio as switch layers for quick animating.

Real Time Media Connection
The new Real Time Media Connection in Anime Studio Proautomatically updates image, movie and audio files in your imported Anime Studio files when edited in an external program. This is a great workflow enhancement for individuals and production studios alike.

Editable Motion Graphs
The single most requested feature that our users have been asking for is finally here! In Motion Graphs, the animation channels of the current layer are displayed graphically, rather than just as points along a line. Now get maximum control of your animation with Editable Motion Graphs. You can now edit motion curves with Bezier handles directly instead of relying on tweening, ease-in and ease-out.

Global Rendering Styles
Global Rendering Styles allow you to quickly change the overall design of your animations. Choose from various presets such as sketchy, cutout, crayon and more to easily transform the look and feel of your entire animation. Create your own custom combinations by mixing and matching different styles for fills and outlines.

Vector Shape Selector
Quickly find and edit vector layers using the Vector Shape Selector. You no longer have to worry about naming each layer to find the one you're looking for. Just click on a shape in your project and the corresponding layer automatically gets selected for editing.

Character Wizard Brand New Content
Hundreds of new characters. Quickly design ready-to-animate characters using the built-in Character Wizard. Select a preset, dial in the body proportions and choose from dozens of predesigned 2D components such as hands, feet, mouths, eyes, noses and heads.

Automatic Image Tracing Use Your Own Artwork
Import your scanned drawings or existing images and photos then convert them to vector drawings with the click of a button. Trace as black and white or edges only and adjust a number of settings to style your vector image. Color your vector art, resize without loss in image quality and animate it using bones.

Audio Recording, Sound Effects and Automatic Lip Synching
Add a soundtrack and lip-synching to your animations! Record your own sound clips inside Anime Studio and adjust the pitch from high to low to fit your animated characters or import existing audio files into your project. Anime Studio will automatically insert them into your timeline, where you can adjust the timing and length to fit your scene. Using the Sequencer, freely move multiple sounds along the timeline to adjust syncing. Anime Studio supports WAV, AIFF, MP3 and M4A formats.

Built-in lip-syncing in Anime Studio is a huge timesaver. Simply load a sound file, and from the layer options of the layer you wish to synch, select the sound file from a pull-down menu. Anime Studio does the rest. Easily synchronize characters' lip and mouth movements to a sound file through a simple and intuitive process.

Layer Comps
Export multiple layers individually with one click. Layer comps are useful if you want to export only selected items in your scene so that you can composite them externally in third party software. For example, you can create a layer comp that relates to background elements, another that relates to characters, and another that relates to foreground elements or titles. Turn groups on and off until you get elements that logically belong together. Then create a new layer comp from that group. At render time, you can then choose to render specific layer comps as a movie file.

Flexible Import and HD Export Capabilities
Anime Studio can import several kinds of other media files into an animation project. Import QuickTime®, AVI or MPEG-4 video or even 3D scenes from Poser. Image Based Modeling allows you to create 3D objects from 2D vector layers. And the included Content Library contains hundreds of ready to use characters, props and more.

and much more..

Mac OS & Hardware:
Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8
(64-bit OS required for 64-bit installation)
1.5 GHz Intel Processor or above

RAM, Display and Other:
700 MB free hard drive space
512 MB RAM
1024x768 resolution
16-bit color display
CD-ROM drive (for physical version of application)
Windows Internet Explorer 8 or newer for Windows Systems
Internet connection for Content Paradise
Poser® 7 or later needed to import Poser scenes

Password : No

Download Here :

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VirtualBox Final For All System

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Features of VirtualBox:
• Modularity VirtualBox has an extremely modular design with well-defined internal programming interfaces and a client/server design. This makes it easy to control it from several interfaces at once: for example, you can start a virtual machine in a typical virtual machine GUI and then control that machine from the command line, or possibly remotely. VirtualBox also comes with a full Software Development Kit: even though it is Open Source Software, you don't have to hack the source to write a new interface for VirtualBox.
• Virtual machine descriptions in XML The configuration settings of virtual machines are stored entirely in XML and are independent of the local machines. Virtual machine definitions can therefore easily be ported to other computers.
• Guest Additions for Windows and Linux VirtualBox has special software that can be installed inside Windows and Linux virtual machines to improve performance and make integration much more seamless. Among the features provided by these Guest Additions are mouse pointer integration and arbitrary screen solutions (e.g. by resizing the guest window).
• Shared folders Like many other virtualization solutions, for easy data exchange between hosts and guests, VirtualBox allows for declaring certain host directories as "shared folders", which can then be accessed from within virtual machines.

VMM: fixed VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED and VERR_RAW_MODE_INVALID_SMP guru meditation due to an invalid reschedule to raw mode (bug #10370)
VMM: fixed a potential guest memory corruption issue in page fusion
VMM: fixed a potential problem causing to schedule interrupts during SYSEXIT right after STI
VMM: fixed host freezes with 64-bit guests on 32-bit Linux hosts (bug #10528)
VMM: fixed an interpretion bug for TPR read instructions under rare conditions (AMD-V only)
VMM: fixed handling of task gates if VT-x/AMD-V is disabled
Snapshots: fixed a crash when restoring an old snapshot when powering off a VM (bug #10491)
Network: fixed the problem with packets larger than MTU-4 when PCnet or PRO/1000 was bridged to certain types of adapters on OS X host (bug #3783)
Bridged Networking: fixed the problem with device driver unloading on kernels 3.2.18 and newer due to invalid reference counter (bug #10624)
NAT: fixed a crash under rare circumstances (Windows hosts only; bug #10128)
3D support: fixed GNOME 3 rendering under Ubuntu 11.04 and Fedora 15
VGA: fixed wrong access check which might cause a crash under certain conditions
VBoxManage: fixed converting disks from raw images
Linux hosts / guests: fixes for Linux 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.7
Linux Additions: start VBoxService correctly on openSUSE 12.1 (bug #6229)
Linux Additions: install the DRI driver correctly on Ubuntu 11.10 guests
Linux Additions: fixed missing implementation when copying shared folder data through kernel high memory (bug #9878).
Linux Additions: make 3D passthrough work on OEL/RHEL 6.2 (bug #10010)
Linux Additions: make sure all data is written when closing a memory mapped file on a shared folder.
Linux Additions: the guest content was sometimes not properly updated (bug #9887)
Windows Additions, VRDP: fixed occasional corruption of vertical text

Password : No

Download Here :
Download | Final - All OS
Download | Windows Final
Download | Linux Final
Download | Mac Final
Download | VirtualBox Extension Pack Final

CleanMyMac 1.10.9 | MacOSX | 10 Mb

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CleanMyMac represents sophisticated all-in-one-suite utility that helps keep your Mac clean and healthy. With just two simple clicks you can delete useless files that basically pile up and waste your valuable disk space. CleanMyMac allows enjoying smooth system performance combining such vital features as Slim Universal Binaries, Clean Unneeded Languages, Logs Rotation, Clean Caches, Quick and Secure Erase, Application Uninstallation, and Killing Trash Left From Buried Applications. CleanMyMac can save gigabytes of disk space and enhance your computer speed.

Go ahead and give it a shot! Your Mac will definitely be grateful! Any application running on your Mac leaves numerous support files, which won't just get to Trash once you remove the app. CleanMyMac will locate and erase all “leftovers” from your system files to enable you to easily install and uninstall new programs whenever you need. The more junk files are stored on your Mac the slower it will work. Processes of saving and storing unnecessary files take your priceless time. Using CleanMyMac will professionally help your Mac reduce the amount of operations required for your online and offline activities.

Easy to use
Using CleanMyMac is a snap! No advanced computer knowledge is required.

Intelligent Uninstaller
Removing an unnecessary application has never been so easy and safe.

Plugins and Extensions
Manage all of your widgets, plug-ins and preference panes from one single app.

Auto Device Cleanup
Keep your removable devices free from those annoying service files.

Cache Cleaner
Remove outdated cache and enjoy smoother running applications.

Logs Cleaner
Free up more space on your Mac by easily removing useless logs.

Language Cleaner
Shrink the size of apps by up to 70% by removing unneeded languages.

Universal Binaries
Remove unwanted binary files burdening your Mac.

Find leftover junk from previously removed apps and eliminate it.

Quick Erase
Use Quick Erase to securely dispose of files without leaving a trace.

System Junk
Clean out unneeded files so your applications can load faster.

Locate, clean up, and empty all of the system Trash folders on your Mac.

Homepage :
Password : No

Download Here :

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Nucleomatica iNMR 5.2.3 MacOSX | 3 MB

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iNMR is the software of your dreams: elegant yet affordable, straightforward yet complete, tightly integrated with Mac OS, bug-free and incredibly fast - the fastest NMR program available today. When your spectra are beautifully reproduced in full screen size and they respond immediately to your commands, that is the ultimate NMR experience! iNMR can do all the things you expect from a traditional NMR program (and ten times more), plus the things you would expect from a genuine Mac application. The clean interface is the secret to the high user satisfaction and productivity.

iNMR is being continuously updated and tailored to the needs of the customers. At the same time, it adheres to the conventions of the Mac interface because it is the only NMR software expressly written for Mac OS X.

Password : No

Download Here :

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Emcee v1.6 MacOSX | 1 Mb

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Many Mac apps show whats currently playing in your iTunes often by rendering semi-transparent widgets over what you do. Those widgets distract you from work and never answer the question Whats playing? the moment you have it. Emcee humbly shows the song in the menu bar. The song name does not scroll, it stands still.

Password : No

Download Here :

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Propellerhead Recycle v2.2.3 PC/MAC

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ReCycle is a creative tool that helps you make the most of your grooves. In simple terms, ReCycle lets you do with sampled loops what you can do with beats programmed from individual drum sounds ??? like alter the tempo, or replace sounds and process them individually. A tool for quickly editing sampled parts, chopping up riffs, remixing and doing mash ups.
How is it done? ReCycle will analyze your groove and break it up into its rhythmic components. You are now in complete control and free to change the tempo or the pitch, without one affecting the other. And that???s just scratching the surface.
Then what? Load the resulting REX2 file into your audio sequencer or software sampler and you can be the master of your grooves, once and for all.

Download For MAC 143 Mb :

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Download For Pc 189 Mb :

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server 2.2 Seed 3 (12T113) | 168 MB

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The new OS X Server brings even more power to your business, home office, or school. It’s remarkably easy to install, set up, and manage. And it’s as intuitive as everything else on your Mac. Powerful yet streamlined, OS X Server makes it easier than ever for the people in your organization to collaborate, communicate, and share information. And because it’s so simple to deploy and manage, OS X Server is perfect for overtaxed IT departments and people who never thought they could run a server. Now anyone in your group can share folders, exchange files, and access documents on a Mac, iPad, or PC. Because OS X Server supports both UNIX permissions and access control lists (ACLs), you have more control over who shares what. With file-sharing connection monitoring, you can see who’s accessing your server, who’s connected, and for how long. And intelligent Spotlight searching helps users find content on the server quickly and easily. Profile Manager simplifies deploying, configuring, and managing them all. It’s one place where you control everything: You can create profiles to set up user accounts for mail, calendar, contacts, and messages; configure system settings; enforce restrictions; set PIN and password policies; and more. Because it’s integrated with the Apple Push Notification service, Profile Manager can send out updated configurations over the air, automatically. And it includes web-based administration, so you can manage your server from any modern web browser. Profile Manager even gives users access to a self-service web portal where they can download and install new configuration profiles, as well as clear passcodes and remotely lock or wipe their Mac, iPhone, or iPad if it’s lost or stolen.

OS X Server can act as a designated Time Machine backup location for all the Mac computers on your network. Centralizing your backup storage helps protect valuable data and free up disk space on individual drives. And it eliminates the need for separate backup drives altogether. OS X Server also takes advantage of Time Machine to back up your server data — including shared files, calendars, mail, wikis, and more — to another hard drive. And it lets you easily restore your server to an earlier configuration.

OS X Server makes it easy for groups to collaborate and communicate through their own wiki-powered website. With simple yet powerful tools, users can create and edit wikis and individual pages, tag and cross-reference material, upload files and images, and create tables and add comments. The wiki is accessible from a browser, so anyone can access it anytime. Users can easily search for new pages and content, show recent activity, and view attachments with Quick Look. Whenever a page has been updated or new comments have been added, everyone receives an automatic email notification. Wiki Server is optimized for iPad. And with WebDAV support, iPad users can now open and save attachments from the wiki in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

Calendar Server makes sure everyone knows where to be and when to be there. Everyone can share calendars, schedule meetings, book conference rooms, and coordinate events. Contacts Server makes it easy to share contacts and keep them in sync on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Mail Server in OS X Server works with email clients on the Mac, iPad, iPhone, and PC. It supports push notifications for immediately notifying users when new mail messages arrive. With built-in virus detection and junk mail filtering, unwanted mail doesn’t come close.

Messages Server brings the collaborative power of instant messaging to your organization. Now workgroups can transfer files securely, share group messages, conduct audio conferences, even broadcast a presentation, movie, or photo slideshow to other Messages users running OS X.

Software Update Server allows administrators to control when and how software updates become available for users’ systems. So when there are OS X updates, such as firmware, security, printer drivers, or RAW camera files, administrators can automatically download and cache them locally.

Virtual private network (VPN) access enables your offsite users to securely connect to your network and its services, while preventing access by unauthorized individuals. OS X Server includes VPN on demand, which allows every Mac to establish a secure authenticated connection automatically. VPN Server supports L2TP/IPSec and PPTP tunneling protocols to provide encryption and remote network access for your Mac computers, iOS devices, and Windows PCs.

NetInstall is designed for administrators who manage operating system installations and software updates for their organizations. It’s the perfect IT assistant. It performs automated software installations — whether a new version of OS X, a specific suite of applications for a workgroup, or both. It eliminates the expense of distributing software on disk. And it saves administrators from having to configure each system in person.

Xsan is a powerful and scalable solution for storage consolidation. Now everyone in your organization can have fast, concurrent access to terabytes of centralized data. Built into OS X, Xsan allows any Mac with a Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel adapter to access an Xsan volume. OS X Server includes the Xsan Admin application for hosting and configuring Xsan volumes.

Minimum system requirements:

You can install this version of OS X Server on a Mac computer with:
• OS X v10.8.2
• Atleast2GBofRAM
• At least 10 GB of available disk space (50 GB if you wish to use Caching Server)
OS X Server v2.2 Seed 3 should be installed on a clean system.

This seed does not support upgrading from OS X Server v2.1, OS X Server v2.2 Seed 1, or OS X Server v2.2 Seed 2.

OS X Mountain Lion requires a Mac with a 64-bit kernel. Mountain Lion supports the following Mac models:
• iMac (mid 2007 or later)
• MacBook (13-inch Aluminum, 2008), (13-inch, Early 2009 or later)
• MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid-2009 or later), (15-inch, 2.4/2.2 GHz), (17-inch, Late 2007 or later)
• MacBook Air (Late 2008 or later)
• Mac Mini (Early 2009 or later)
• Mac Pro (Early 2008 or later)
• Xserve (Early 2009)

Password : No

Download Here :

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Tao Effect Espionage 3.0.4 (Mac OSX) | 3.5 MB

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Espionage is a unique data security application. It lets you encrypt and password protect individual folders, and interact with them straight from the Finder.

Espionage protects you even if you're forced to give up your password by giving you the ability to have multiple master passwords, each protecting a unique set of folders through a feature called Folder Sets.

Espionage 3 was rewritten and is completely different from Espionage 2, a much more complicated application, still available.

What's New
Version 3.0.4:

FIXED: Autounlock window not accepting password in certain instances
FIXED: Removed ML notifications because they don't support long sentences


OS X 10.7 or later
64-bit processor

Password : No

Download Here :

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DivX Plus Pro 9.0.0 (MacOSX) | 70 MBDivX Plus Pro 9.0.0 (MacOSX) | 70 MB

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The next generation of DivX video! Download DivX Plus™ Software to play DivX®, AVI, MKV, MOV and MP4 video with our media player. Or watch these videos in other popular media players like Windows Media Player or Media Player classic. Purchase DivX Pro to create your own HD DivX videos.DivX® is a digital video format that offers a high-quality viewing experience on any device or platform — from your PC to your phone to your living room TV. Over 100 million devices that support DivX video have shipped worldwide from major manufactures, including DVD players, gaming consoles, mobile phones and more. DivX® gives you the power to watch, create and share high-quality videos on your Windows or Mac computer.

Cracked by: symmetry Release-Name: CR-TEF01.ZIP
Supplied: CORE Release-Date: 2012/11/16
Packaged: CORE Release-Type: Util
Protection: Serial OS: MacOSX
Crack/SN: Keymaker Language: English
Rating: [You decide!] Disks: 15: DESCRiPTiON: DivX Pro for Mac is our premium software offering, giving you
everything you need to create and play high-quality DivX videos on
your Mac. You can also enjoy your DivX videos anywhere you want on
a variety of DivX Certified consumer electronic devices

Password : No

Download Here :

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Desktop Groups 1.3 (MacOSX) | 10.9 MB

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The app lets you create groups of related files on your desktop. You can freely move groups of files around on your desktop and add or remove files via drag & drop. Each group has a title so that you can organize your files any way you like. For example, you could create separate groups for each project you are working on, or add separate groups for photos and text documents. If you frequently take screenshots, that would be another good fit for a group. The possibilities are endless.

Quick Look integration: press Space or ?Y to open a Quick Look preview of the selected file.


Group related files on your desktop
Add/remove files via drag & drop
Freely move groups around
Resize groups by dragging either edge/corner
Rename by double-clicking on the group title
Context menu with more options


Additional list view with file names to the right of icons
Adjust opacity of title and group background
Change the background color
Hide the reflections
Adjust the grid size

Password : No

Download Here :

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Mac OS Snow Leopard 10.6.8 v3.3 - AMD/Intel (2012/Eng/Fast & easy install) |Single Iso| 3.7 Gb

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Mac OS "Snow Leopard" 10.6.8 - Operating System is known for its simplicity, reliability and ease of use. In truth there is no OS, which would compare in beauty, richness, and media from Mac OS. Therefore, when the idea of development Snow Leopard, Apple engineers have set themselves only one goal: to make a good system even better. They noted the areas in which you can improve, accelerate and simplify the system - from extraction to external media installation. And in many ways they were able to make excellent excellent.

Additional information and features:
It is desirable to separate the hard place.
Requires Windows
SATA hard drive to set mode AHCI. Install only in IDB

Optimally placed on the unallocated space. Poskolzu in the hand is a picture poppy partition file system hfs +. If the hard drive is not empty, unallocated (not to be confused with an empty space on the logical drive) place any program to work with hard drives separating him from the marked section.

If you plan to further increase in the partition, then select more then just a place to Join pustoem manuals on.
How else to explain that it was clear, I do not know, so please include the brain and read the faq (below).
section should look something like a 1-second screen

1) Install R Drive Image (on the way)
2) Run by Administrator
3) Select the Restore
3.1) Mount in DT or any other software image snow.iso
4) Select the file on the image snow.ARC
5) Specify the click of a mouse from the top section of Snow (see screenshot), and unallocated space (hard drive) where we want to deliver.
6) Click to deploy. After a successful reversal of the image, click reload. No other manipulations more to do.
7) Loading

of the increase in the partition with MacOS.

1. Install Paragon-201-SEE_WinInstallSNU .... msi.
2. on the drive that want to expand, right-click your mouse and select "check file system integrity".
3. again right click and choose move / resize. Drag your mouse and drag, or manually write on how to expand.
4. Repeat steps 3
5.nazhimaem,, execute,

under Windows program paragon hard disk manager or Paragon CampTune.

Administrator Password: normally 123 | Administrator Password: normally 123

crc32: 7F560CAD
md5: 007662f510729e95b19b5db2604506a8

Release released: 2012
Developer: Apple Inc
Language: Russian / English
Platform / OS: Windows Intel-AMD (x86-x64)
Enabling | reg code: Sew (Cracked)
File Size: 3.68 Gb
Password : No

Download Here :

  1. Via Cyberlocker

TotalFinder 1.4.5 (MAC OSX) | 5.33 Mb

| comments

TotalFinder adds tabs, hotkeys, and other tweaks to the Mac OS X Finder.

Implemented features:
TABS like in Google Chrome!
Add a dual-panel mode (like in good old Norton Commander)
Make Finder available system-wide on a hot-key (like Visor)
Stop creating .DS_Store litter
Show the folders always on top

Future goals:
Add a better keyboard shortcuts (for keyboard-oriented freaks like me)
Enable a cooperation mode with (for command-line lovers)
Add user friendly MacFUSE support
And what about better git/svn/hg integration?
And more satisfaction!

Mac OS X 10.7 or later

What's New
Version 1.4.5:

New: Implemented "Reopen Closed Tab" (idea).
New: It is now possible to copy UNC-style paths from Copy Path submenu.
Fixed: Double-clicking Finder's toolbar miniaturizes whole window.
Fixed: Cut/Copy/Paste buttons appear in context menus also when clicking into Finder's background.
Fixed: Visor window is correctly repositioned after connecting or disconnecting external display.
Fixed: Added TotalFinder menu into Finder main menu item (for people who remove TotalFinder's menubar icon).
Fixed: Clicking Finder icon in the Dock brings back miniaturized window (issue).
Fixed: CMD+W does not close whole window in case there is only one tab in dual mode.
Fixed: Escape key could stop working when closed last tab in Visor window.

Patch first and then make a key with patch/keymaker

Password : No

Download Here :

  1. Via
  2. Via Tusfiles
  3. Via Sharpfile
  4. Via Multi Links

PowerTunes 1.2.3 (MAC OSX) | 3.4 MB

| comments

PowerTunes allows iTunes users to create multiple libraries, organize their music among multiple music folders, and share music and libraries between multiple users on a machine.

In addition to simply creating and keeping track of your libraries, PowerTunes also offers many additional features to help organize your music. Users can copy music back and forth between their libraries while maintaining all their ratings, play counts, and other information stored in iTunes. This allows libraries to be split up into smaller ones, or merged together into larger ones.

PowerTunes also offers a one-step solution for sharing iTunes libraries and music among multiple user accounts on a machine, allows users to fix dead tracks whose files have gone missing, finds orphaned music files in their music folders, and much more.

What's New
Version 1.2.3:

Fixed an issue where PowerTunes would be unable to get iTunes to quit on OS X 10.8.2
Files with a .3gp extension no longer always show up as dead tracks
Fixed a crasher that could occur when trying to switch libraries
Using the dashboard widget to switch libraries is now more reliable on OS X 10.8


Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later
iTunes 7.0 or later

Password : No

Download Here :

  1. Via
  2. Via Tusfiles
  3. Via Sharpfile
  4. Via Multi Links

PDFpenPro 5.9.2 (MAC OSX) | 48.8 Mb

| comments

Edit PDFs, create interactive forms and tables of contents, and create PDFs directly from web sites easily with PDFpenPro! Add text, images and signatures, make corrections, fill out PDF forms, and even OCR scanned text.

Make changes and mark up PDFs

With PDFpenPro, you can add text, images and signature to your PDFs. You can even correct text in the original PDF. Use PDFpenPro’s tools to highlight, underline, or strikethrough text. Add comments and notes to share with others.

Remove private information with the redaction feature, new in PDFpenPro 5. Select the text you want to omit, and redact it with a black box or a blank space--either way, the text is removed from the document. Remove a word, phrase or social security number throughout a document with search-and-redact or search-and-remove.

Paperless Workflow

Reduce the amount of paper in your office. Scan documents directly into PDFpenPro and then use PDFpenPro’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the scanned text, so you can search, edit, and copy it.

Say goodbye to your fax machine! Instead of printing a contract to sign and mail back, you can add your signature to the PDF and email it.

Go mobile! Get PDFpen for iPad on the iTunes App Store, and edit your PDFs seamlessly on Mac or iPad, thanks to iCloud storage.

Easy to Use

In PDFpenPro’s Library, you can store frequently-used images, signatures and text so they are always at your fingertips when you want to add them to a PDF.

Drag-and-drop to rearrange pages or to combine pages from different PDFs. Deleting a page is as simple as selecting its thumbnail and pressing the Delete key.

Pro Features

In addition to all the features in PDFpen, PDFpenPro also includes:

- Create interactive PDF forms with text fields, check boxes, radio buttons, choice fields, and buttons to submit via the web or email
- Create PDFs from web sites and local HTML files, complete with internal links
- Create and edit tables of contents

Requirements: OS X 10.6.6 or later, 64-bit processor

What's new v5.9.2

Fixes a case where PDFpenPro cannot save
Fixes other less common save issues
Minor fixes and improvements

Password : No

Download Here :

  1. Via
  2. Via Tusfiles
  3. Via Sharpfile
  4. Via Multi Links

Default Folder X 4.5.1 (MAC OSX) | 12 Mb

| comments

Default Folder X attaches a toolbar to the right side of the Open and Save dialogs in any Mac OS X-native application. The toolbar gives you fast access to various folders and commands. You just click on the buttons to go to your favorite and recently used folders, manage the folders and files shown in the list, and make changes to your settings.

Default Folder also fixes a number of problems in Open and Save dialogs, "rebounding" back to the last selected file, putting the path listing back in the top menu, and correcting bugs in scrolling column views.

What's New
Version 4.5.1

Fixed a problem that could cause the Default Folder X Helper application to crash.
Improved detection of the location of the topmost document. This fixes instances where Default Folder X goes to the wrong folder in iWork applications, Pro Tools, Photoshop's Save for Web, and export dialogs in a number of applications.
Cmd-N no longer brings up the New Folder dialog in iCloud-enabled applications. That command key is used to create new documents in those apps.
Fixed alias resolution so that Default Folder X will not look for a network disk unless you explicitly mount the drive. This fixes delays experienced by some users.
Default Folder X's bezel could be the wrong size when exporting an image in Preview. This has been fixed.
Default Folder X no longer loads in applications that have elevated permissions like Parallels Desktop. This prevents OS X from requesting your password to allow Default Folder X to send "restricted scripting addition commands".
The last used folder is now correctly remembered when running on Mac OS 10.6.
If your preferences were set so that hotkeys for your Favorites were active in all applications, new hotkeys would not open Finder windows until Default Folder X was restarted. This has been fixed.
Console warnings from NSAutoreleaseNoPool have been eliminated.

Password : No

Download Here :

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  2. Via Tusfiles
  3. Via Sharpfile
  4. Via Multi Links


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