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Teorex Inpaint v.5.2 Full Activation | 5 Mb

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Do you have a photo that would look just right if you could only remove
one or more objects or persons from your composition? For example, look
at the following two pictures. The original on the left features a large
building in the foreground that dominates the scene while also blocking
an uninterrupted view of the horizon. If we could somehow remove this,
it would open up the entire view. You can see what we mean in the picture
on the right. With the building gone, we can really appreciate the full
beauty of this landscape. Well, now you can remove just about any
unwanted object or person using Inpaint...

Password : No

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Teorex PhotoStitcher 1.2 Final Full Activation | 3 Mb

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PhotoStitcher will automatically combine overlapping photos to produce perfect panoramic image. PhotoStitcher photo stitcher software There's no need to manually go through messing around moving and aligning images! Now you can use PhotoStitcher to easily stitch images and get perfect panoramic photograph. You just snap some overlapping images and click Stitch button. PhotoStitcher is a fully automatic image stitcher. Capable of stitching full view panoramas without any user input. This is a solution to stitch any panorama completely automatically, whether 1D (horizontal OR vertical) or 2D (horizontal AND vertical).

Top Reasons to use PhotoStitcher
Works with any arrangement of overlapping photos taken from a single location
Crop the result with automatic cropping
Simple and intuitive interface. Just select images and click "Stitch"
Easy to get use & started
Completely non-technical

OS : Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Language : English

Homepage :
Password : No

Download Here :
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Photo Montage Guide v1.5.2 Full Activation | 4 Mb

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Photo Montage Guide - Software for Photo Montage and Smart Change of an Image Size.

The software: makes a photo montage; smartly changes the image size and aspect ratio; removes objects without visible traces; separates solid objects from an arbitrary background and transfers them to another photo; allows combining two pictures together.

For: Windows xp /vista/7/8
Password : No

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PictureCode PhotoNinja v1.0.5 (x86/x64) Full Activation

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PictureCode PhotoNinja

Distinctive image quality:  Photo Ninja is a professional-grade RAW converter that delivers exceptional detail, outstanding image quality, and a distinctive, natural look. If you think this is "just another RAW converter", you're in for a surprise.

Photo Ninja is truly special, with unique capabilities for improving and optimizing your digital images.

Click on the items below to learn  more about this powerful tool, and read why serious photographers are adopting it into their workflows.

Supported OS:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Password : No

Download x86 Here 12 Mb :
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Download x64 Here 15 Mb :
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FXhome Photokey 6 Pro Full Activation | 113 Mb

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Green screen photography lets your clients choose any backdrop they want, rather than being restricted by your physical backings, whether you're in your studio or at an event. The automated hot folder feature means you can concentrate on the photography while PhotoKey Pro processes each new photo without needing any manual interaction. If you want increased realism or a distinct visual style, PhotoKey’s range of advanced filters and effects have everything you need!

What's new?

Best ever keying

PhotoKey has always delivered incredible keying quality. With PhotoKey 6 we've introduced a new feature called adaptive color that makes it ever better.

One-click improvements
In many cases activating adaptive color will provide an instant improvement to edge detail, especially when dealing with hair and semi-transparent objects.
Uneven green screens
Adaptive color analyses the whole of your photo, automatically compensating for different lighting across your green screen.

Export to multiple backgrounds

New batch processing options give you and your clients more choice.

Easy variations
Your photos can be exported several times, each with a different background. Try out different combinations to see which one works best.
Automatic processing
PhotoKey 6 Pro's auto export system now works with multiple backgrounds, so you can leave PhotoKey to create multiple image variations while you continue to shoot.

Photoshop integration

PhotoKey 6 Pro includes a free plug-in for use with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6.

Natural workflow
Select your layer in Photoshop and choose PhotoKey from the filters menu. After keying the images are immediately updated back in Photoshop ready for further processing.
Best of both worlds
Combine Photoshop's image editing power with PhotoKey's world class keying capabilities. It's a completely new and seamless workflow.

New filters

Explore your creativity with PhotoKey 6 Pro's new filters and effects.

Add extra punch to your images with the Vibrance filter, which enhances local contrast, saturation and sharpness.
Leave color
Create dynamic splashes of color or hide a specific color with this versatile filter.
Half tone
Create stylish monochrome and color half tone effects. Great for newspaper print and pop art visuals.

Color profile & EXIF support

Custom color profiles and photo EXIF data are supported throughout the PhotoKey workflow.

Color management
PhotoKey now uses your photo's color workspace, ensuring accuracy throughout your workflow. Alternatively you can manually specify your preferred ICC profile.
EXIF data
Your photo's EXIF data is retained during export, ensuring that no information is lost.

OS : Microsoft® Windows® Vista (64-bit), 7 (64-bit), or 8 (64-bit)
Language : English

Home Page -
Password : No

Download Here :
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ArtRage 4.0.2 Freeware | 75 Mb

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With ArtRage you can paint with oils and watercolors, sketch with pencils, spray stickers over your canvas, and much more. Stencils and rulers let you create precise shapes or smooth curves freehand. Tracing and Reference images let you load photos to recreate either by eye or by letting ArtRage select colors for you as you paint. For professional users, ArtRage offers Layers and Layer Groups, Layer Blend Modes compatible with the PSD file format, plugin Filter suport and more.

Some of the new features in ArtRage 4:
. Paint Symmetry
. Scraps & Views
. Workbench Mode
. Toolbox Panel
. Gradient Fills
. Wacom Stylus Features
. Clone Tool
. Non-Uniform Transformations
. And Much More!

Home Page - : No

Download Here :
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Mojosoft Photo Frame Studio v2.88 ML Full Activation | 188 Mb

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Mojosoft Photo Frame Studio

Photo Frame is an easy scrapbooking software.

Photo Frame Studio is a tool that adds frames to photos which provides more than 200 beautiful frames and mask effects that can be applied to photos.

Program PHOTO FRAME STUDIO has been designed to edit and decorate digital photographies. Thanks to the program each picture will look different and operating our program will be a real pleasure for you. We offer over 200 frames and what is more, every one of them can be modified by the options which are contained in our program.
The interface of the program is user-friendly and it has been designed in such a way that evryone can operate it without any problems.
You can decorate your picture using a few instructions by means of adding to it a frame, a mask, the background, a shade or a text.
Using all these functions and effects and taking into account the fact that we can use all the options simultaneously including the change of colour of each layer, the change of saturation and contrast, you can undoubtedly claim that each picture will be different.
You can also design your own composition . It can be done thanks to the tools which enable us to add various elements such as figures clip-parts or striking texts. You can also calibrate pictures, so you can cut them, zoom to the view that suits you and get rid of the red-eye effect.
Thanks to the program you can print pictures using your printer as well as you can save ready photos in high quality mode in order to send them to photo-labs.
Moreover, you can also save pictures in lower quality mode so that they can be published in the internet.

The attributes of the program:

* operating jpg, bmp, wmf , png ,tiff and more graphic formats
* a dozen or so effects which can be used while working on all objects (text , image , backgrounds) for example: shadows, textures, sepia, gradients and others
* export to high resolution (300 DPI , 600 DPI) pdf,jpg,tiff,bmp graphics file
* the appearance of the interface can be changed
* support right to left languages (like arabic,hebrew)
* support unicode
* multilanguage support:
English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Farsi(Persian), Serbian, Romanian, Croatian

System Requirements

* Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7
* CPU: Pentium processor minimum
* Memory: 512M or more
* Free hard drive space: 250MB

Password : No

Download Here :
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OpenCanvas v5.5.14 Full Activation | 2 Mb

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openCanvas is a paint/drawing software that enables you to record/replay your drawing procedure. If you use the "Event" function (to replay the drawing process), it is quite easy to find out how an illustration was created!openCanvas has a simple interface, nice and realistic brush stroke, and various filters/layers/tones.

openCanvas will be suitable for beginners to advanced users.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
HDD: More than 10MB free capacity
CPU: x86 Compatible Processor corresponding to SSE2
RAM: Recommended Memory Capacity by Operating System
Resolution: More than 1024 × 768 pixel
Color Depth: More than 32 bit(16,770,000 colors)
Peripherals: Wacom tablet

Password : No

Download Here :
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Teorex Inpaint v5.2 Full Activation | 7 Mb

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Teorex Inpaint

Inpaint reconstructs the selected image area from the pixel near the area boundary. Inpaint may be used to remove dust and scratches from a scanned photo, or to remove undesirable objects from still images.
Delete any unwanted object from your photo, such as extra power-line, people, text... The program will automatically inpaint the selected area to erase it.
If some unexpected object spoils an otherwise good photograph, Inpaint may be used to remove it. Simply select the object. No need for fiddly messing about with the clone tool!

It is alarmingly simple to use. Draw a selection around the object you wish to remove from the picture, and run smart remove selection. Inpaint will fill the selection area with intelligently generated texture drawn from the surrounding image data. really magic function you should try it!
(Optional) If you don't get the results you hoped for, do one of the following, and then experiment until you get just the right look:
• You can change area boundary which used in inpainting (rectangular area around selection, with resize handles).
• Go back in your changes one step at a time, (in the task pane, click Undo last action) and try more accurate select the object you wish to remove.
• Or if you think selection is right, try to Inpaint it again(each inpaint procedure is unique and at the next time you've got other image).

Inpaint reconstructs the selected image area from the pixel near the area boundary. Inpaint may be used to remove undesirable objects from still images.

Delete any unwanted object from your photo, such as logo, watermark, extra power-line, people, text... The program will automatically inpaint the selected area to erase it.

If some unexpected object spoils an otherwise good photograph, Inpaint may be used to remove it. Simply select the object. No need for fiddly messing about with the clone tool!

Top Reasons to use Inpaint
• Repair old photos
• Remove watermarks
• Remove unwanted objects
• Digital Facial retouching
• Remove date stamps
• Easy to get started



What's new in Inpaint 5.2

Bugs fixing release


Operation system:
Windows XP and higher or
1000 MHz processor
256 MB RAM

Password : No

Download Here :
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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5 v5.4.0 Full Activation | 50 Mb

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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5 - Faster, better, just perfect

Let your pictures shine!

Enhancing and optimizing your photos with just one click has never been easier!

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5 impresses with its brand new look. The user interface underwent a “facelift”. It is now structured and arranged more clearly, which allows you to start with the optimization of your photos right away. A long search for your desired function or favorite effect is a thing of the past! Those functions and effects can now be accessed instantly, as the program allows you to integrate up to 6 of your favorite functions directly within the user interface to keep them handy anytime.

The Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5 is the intelligent tool for that certain something in your photos! All functions are clearly arranged and easily accessible. This allows you to achieve amazing results right from the start. Add brilliance and refinement to your pictures in just a few clicks!

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 5 impresses with its brand new look. The user interface underwent a “facelift”. It is now structured and arranged more clearly, which allows you to start with the optimization of your photos right away.

A long search for your desired function or favorite effect is a thing of the past! Those functions and effects can now be accessed instantly, as the program allows you to integrate up to 6 of your favorite functions directly within the user interface to keep them handy anytime.

The most remarkable features at a glance


One-click optimization for bright and brilliant photos
Conversion of photos into a desired format
Optimization of several pictures with one click
Red eye removal


Clearly structured user interface
Explorer-like image viewer
Freely adjustable before / after view


Aging of images
Creation of stamps
Inversion of colors
Change in sharpness


Automatic backup
Watermarking of photos
Selection of meta data for more anonymity


Share images with friends on Facebook, Picasa etc.
Send pictures by e-mail
Select images directly from a camera

System Requirements:

Operating System:
Windows® XP, Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8

Any computer that runs one of the operating systems above.
Graphics card: min. resolution 1024 x 768 with 1 MB memory and 16-bit color (high color)
Recommended: resolution 1280 x 1024 or better, true color

RAM and disk space:
1 GB RAM or more, hard disk space 75 MB

1500 MHz (or higher) x86/x64 CPU

Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework

Homepage: http://www.ashampoo.comPassword : No

Download Here :
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FotoWorks XL 2013 v12.0.2 ML Full Activation | 32 Mb

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FotoWorks XL 2013

Photo Editing Software
Now you can edit your digital photos and graphics very easy with the Photo Software "FotoWorks XL 2013". The extensive functions of the imaging software are clearly arranged for easy handling.

The imaging software provides extensive image editing and printing functions as well as batch processing.

Convince yourself and test the photo imaging software FotoWorks XL 2013 now for free. The simple and professional photo editing software FotoWorks XL 2013,

Photo Editing Software- Functions:

Photo Editing
Preview Original and edited picture
Batch processing for editing and saving
Brightness photo editing software
Color and Contrast Correction
Sepia Effekts photo editing software
Black and White Effects
Color Correction RGB photo imaging software
Rotate and Flip pictures
Remove Red Eyes
Sharpen / Blur
Cut and Crop Pictures

Noise Color
Noise Mono
Ripple tooth

Import from digital camera
Import your pictures from your camera
Read EXIF datas of the camera

Included Morphing Effect for funny pictures

Prepare Photographic Paper
Choose your favourite size
9 x 13 cm
10 x 15 cm
13 x 18 cm
20 x 30 cm

Insert Texts in a multiline format
Pick color of Text with pipettev

Draw / Retouch / Airbrush
Choose your favorite brush form, size and color or pick the color with the pipette.

Print Picture in Picture
With Mask Effects
Several Formats with hard and soft Borders
Import of transparent or rotated Pictures
Choose correct order of pictures by yourself

Insert Cliparts
Insert transparent or rotated Cliparts
Choose correct order of Cliparts by yourself

Insert Symbols and Lines
choose Symbols like – Circle, Triangle, Pentagon, Star or Line
select any color you like
freely selectable line width and borders
Import of transparent or rotated Symbols
define correct order of Symbols by yourself

Create collage / Design Presentations - Photo Collage Maker
design new Presentations by using Pictures, Symbols, Text and Cliparts, Collages

Convert Picture - Convert Image
Convert pictures to the formats: BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG with batchprocessing

Colors of the Program
Pick your favourite background color of the program

Better quality of Pictures
Manipulate your pictures without loss = better results

Addons free Download
New Borders
New Cliparts
New Masks

Autom Check for Updates
fotoWORKS XL 2012 checks for Updates automatically
Updates are for free

Advanced printpreview
Print Preview with Thumbnails and Stand alone Pictures
Settings of Printer, Zoom and Page possible

Print Calendar calendar 2009 calendar 2010 calendar 2011...
Print Calendars with your own Pictures and choose several Layouts for different years

Star Cut/ Life-sized Poster Printing - Photo Crop
Print your Posters life-sized or up to a size of 4 x 4 m
Stick the detail sites to one big poster or wallpaper.

Send pictures by Email
All Pictures were automatically converted and send by email
Three Picture Sizes for including in email available

Print Photo Album
Print your Photo Album with Title, Text Descriptions, Borders, Shadows, Footer and Date

System Requirements:

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 32Bit & 64Bit
Min resolution: 1024x768 Pixel
RAM: 512 MB
Min. processor: 1 GHz
Min. free diskspace: 80 MB

Password : No

Download Here :
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Focus Photoeditor v6.5.3 Full Activation |

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Focus Photoeditor

With Focus Photoeditor no More Guessing in your daily image editing ! With this professional yet easy to use tool you will be able to turn any picture into a masterpiece and design creative projects.

It is the right tools for both beginners and advanced users.
The very gem of Focus Photoeditor, is the "Quick-Fix" algorithm.
It allows anyone, even the beginner, to correct their photos with asingle click. But our image editor is much more than just automatic fixing, it has any tool you may ever need, it includes also layers and a huge selection of filters and selection modes.

What makes Focus Photoeditor Really GREAT!

-Loads Fast, Start Editing your pictures Immediately!
-Very Easy to use once you familiarize with its interface. Gives you professional results.
-Supports over 100 digital camera RAW formats. (Click here for the list)
-Has the best set of Automatic Photo Corrections you could ask for.
-Uses High Quality- finely pre-tuned photo correction algorithms.
-Has a Batch Processor with the luxury of Undo Capabilities!
-Supports Layers and Selections
-Hundreds of quality filters and thousands of options
-Provides many options to save and export files (optimized size and preview for all formats)
-Offers a very comfortable picture browser with extended capabilities.
-Offers many extras, like a web-album builder

New Version

With so many new features and improvements, this version comes as a actual milestone, it is almost a major update. But we decided that our faithful customers shall have it for free, that's why it is still offered as minor update.

Version 6.5 solves some issue with the graphic tablet pressure sensitivity, and with some photoshop plugins (such as Topaz-Labs plugins), and it is faster and much more powerful and creative.
We added dozens new filters and also new automatic and manual corrections.

System Requirements:

Microsoft® Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions), Vista, XP, or 98
1 GHz processor or better
640 Mb of RAM
1 GB of free disk space
Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 600 (highly recommended higher resolution)

Password : No

Download Here :
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Topaz Photoshop Plugins Bundle 2013 DC 12.04.2013 (x86-x64) Full Activation | 464 Mb

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The Topaz Plug-in Bundle helps amateur and professional photographers accomplish the most common creative and corrective post processing tasks. With 10 powerful and easy-to-use programs, users can quickly enhance their digital images with flexible adjustments that are easy to apply and customize - and often in just 1-click!

Topaz Photoshop Plugins Bundle 2013 includes support for every plug-in:
??? B&W Effects v2.1.0
??? Lens Effects v1.2
??? Adjust v5.0.0
??? DeNoise v5.0.1
??? Simplify v4.0.1
??? Detail v3.1.0
??? Clean v3.0.2
??? ReMask v3.2.1
??? InFocus v1.0.0
??? DeJPEG v4.0.2

Home Page -
Password : No

Download Here :
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ACD Systems Canvas 14.0.1618 GIS Full Activation | 135 Mb

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Canvas 14 is how engineers and technical graphics professionals illustrate and communicate with confidence. Canvas’ minimum precision levels and powerful object illustration and image editing tools ensure that the accuracy of your data is maintained from import right through to publication and beyond. Accelerate and streamline your technical illustration workflow from initial import and design to final presentation, facilitate collaboration, and improve your overall productivity with this complete technical illustration software solution.

Technical Illustration
As the preferred choice of technical illustrators in precision industries, Canvas 14 comes with all the powerful vector object illustration and advanced raster image editing tools you need, in one integrated, flexible design environment.

Enhance your technical vision with Canvas 14. Add clarity to your illustration with labels or text, add format dimensions, create dynamic charts, or use Canvas’ unique lens for a more detailed view.

Canvas 14 makes it quick and easy to share your vision with professional publications and presentations, and to work collaboratively with colleagues.


Home Page -
Password : No

Download Here :
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Odin Frame Photo Creator 9.8.3 Full Activation | 20 Mb

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Odin Frame Photo Creator 9.8.3 | 20.3 MB

Frame Photo Creator software has photo mode and digital camera mode .Tt can let you take photos like digital camera.And It offers you kinds of different backgrounds(frames),for example, flowers,grass, ,the ocean ,cartoon ,animals to help you take colorful photos.Then you can combine the photos after you took.Befor you print it out or save in the computer,you also can eidit the photos in photo editor by altering the color of the photos,adjusting hues, sharpness, RGB color, flip and rorate photos.And you also can add base pictures and some funny face like cute face expression on the photos.

1. Have photo mode and digital camera mode.
2. Include thousands of frames and add your personalized frames freely .
3. Assemble photos in diffferent way
4. Add funny face to the photos.
5. Add base background to the photos.
6. Eidt photos in many ways like change color,alter the location in the photo editor
7. Import frame,photo,photo background,expression to database.
8. Chage and apply photo size before print
9. Save edditing photos and next time just upload it and contitue to edit.
10.Print out the photos.
11. Easy to operate.

OS : Win7/Vista/XP/Me/2000
Language : English

Home Page -
Password : No

Download Here :
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FotoAlbum Pro Full Activation | 10 Mb

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FotoTime FotoAlbum is a software that organizes digital photos and sorts them. FotoAlbum has all the tools you need to help you organize your photos and videos. Designed to make the most complex task easy, FotoAlbum will satisfy everyone from beginners to photo professionals.

FotoAlbum Features at a glance

Organize thousands of photos and videos on your computer into albums and sub-albums.

Searchable Database
Create a searchable database containing captions, keywords, dates, GPS locations and other metadata fields for each photo and video.

Easily import photos and videos into FotoAlbum from cameras, scanners, memory cards, photo CDs, iPods, and almost anything else that holds photos and videos.

Create Screensavers
Configurable screen saver displays photos from selected albums.

Send to Facebook
Upload selected photos or entire albums to your Facebook photo library.

FotoAlbum integrates with the GoogleMaps API and lets you geotag your photos. GPS coordinates are automatically saved in EXIF.

Manage PDF Documents
FotoAlbum now supports PDF documents in addition to supporting most photo and video filetypes.

Export Albums to HTML
Export your albums and images as HTML and deploy them to your own web server.

Create Slideshows
Create video slideshows with custom transistions and background music.

Protect your Photos and Videos
Protect your photos and videos by archiving them to CDs/DVDs.

Fix your photos
Use our photo editor to edit and fix your photos with tools such as color balancing, cropping, and red-eye correction.

Synchronize photos to iPod
Use FotoAlbum to synchronize your photo library to your iPod photo.

New FotoAlbum 7 Features
Including all the great new features in FotoAlbum 7.

Home Page -
Password : No

Download Here :
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Advanced JPEG Compressor 2012.9.3.101 Full Activation | 1 Mb

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Advanced JPEG Compressor for Windows is the world's leading software for compressing digital images in JPEG format. Use Advanced JPEG Compressor for a variety of personal or business purposes: Easily reduce the large file sizes of your graphic files Impressive file size reduction without losses in picture quality! Smaller files take less space and up and download faster. Effectively optimize photos for faster loading from the Web and faster sending by e-mail - avoid exceeding size limits. Compress scanned documents for storage/transferal.

??? Interactivity - the process of compression becomes visual, effectively trading image quality with file size by adjusting the compressor's settings. It also offers a preview of the resulting image immediately in the result image preview window
??? Multi-document interface allows you to work with many images at the same time, enabling you to view and compare different compression parameters applied to either the same or different images
??? Advanced JPEG compression engine, specially optimized for higher image quality, considerably reduces the file size of images and provides the most comprehensive set of options to tune the compression level
??? Compression profiles considerably improve processing of multiple images with similar characteristics. A compression profile contains the most important compression parameters along with resizing information. You can create, save, edit and apply named compression profiles
??? Photo hosting integration allows you to save photos in the Web. Our photo hosting service allows you to upload and store your photos on our web server. Use this feature to share your photos online - email links, insert photos in forums, use for auctions, etc.
??? Graphic Detail Quality Equalizer is a unique feature that gives you significant flexibility in adjusting the compressed image quality. Its 5 bands are intended to tune the compression level applied to the image details with different sizes (ranging from large to small)
??? Compression-oriented image prefiltering helps to achieve better compression/optimization results and improve the visual appearance of an image. You can choose one of five filters and change the level and radius (depth) of applying the active filter
??? Separate compression sliders for Luma(intensity) and Chroma(color) channels allow you to gain better compression results, eliminate color artefacts, and significantly improve the compressed image quality
??? Hold the defined compression ratio is a unique feature for graphic software that allows you to create images whose file size is limited by the defined compression ratio (like the "bit rate" parameter for audio files), and does not depend on their content
??? Selective image compression - some areas of the image can be compressed more or less than others. This useful feature allows you to save high quality for the most important parts of the image (faces,etc.), and lower for the rest, achieving excellent compression results
??? Progressive JPEG images support; images in this format being published on the Web will be incrementally displayed (gradually improving their quality) during loading from the Internet or other communications
??? Additional options for adjusting precision of compression allow you to get the best result depending on the priority: small file size or high image quality (which means large file size)
??? Ability to acquire images from TWAIN compliant devices - such as scanners or digital cameras
??? Image Resizing(Resampling) by using one of three implemented high-quality interpolation methods
??? Viewing/Editing the invisible text (signature, copyright notice, comments, etc.) embedded in your JPEG file
??? Possibility to crop unnecessary portions of the image
??? Easy-to-use and highly customizable user interface

Password : No

Download Here :
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gPhotoShow Pro v6.3.0 (Activated) Full | 8 Mb

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gPhotoShow Pro is an an easy to use slide show maker and screen saver complete with transition effects and Pan and Zoom animations. gPhotoShow Pro enables you to create your personal photo slide shows that can be played as screen saver or shared as standalone slide show.

gPhotoShow configuration is quick and easy, in a few minutes you can point it to folders (either local or on a network share) containing your photos or video in any of the supported formats and have them displayed to your screen in random order, alphabetically or by date.

Password : No

Download Here :
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PhotoInstrument 6.2 Build 620 Final Full Activation | 11 Mb

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PhotoInstrument is a powerful and easy-to-learn raster graphics editor used to process digital photographs. With only a few clicks, anyone can solve most digital photo problems:

   *Photo Editing
   *Photo Retouch
   *Draw MakeUp
   *Make your photo look like it's taken by a professional photographer.

If you ever wonder to touch up your photo, so you look more beautiful on your facebook or friendster or even on myspace, well this software is the answer to your question.

Look down for it is important features:

   Support Photoshop-compatible plugins[new]
   Add text to an image.
   Overlay two and more images.
   Drag and drop to open photos in this photo editor.
   Copy/Paste image from Clipboard.
   Batch Resizing (resize multiple images)
   PSD file (PhotoShop Format) support in Editing.
   Multi Language support.
   Save to computer as .jpg, .png, .bmp and other file formats.
   And many more features...

Current version includes
these instruments:

  *Skin Cleaner
  *Glamour Skin
  *Dodge / Burn
  *Red Eye Removal
  *Adjust Color Levels
  *Healing Brush
  *Object Removal

Supported languages:

   *Simplified Chinese
   *Traditional Chinese

The software comes with a video tutorial that will teach you how to use PhotoInstrument in just a few minutes.
Take a look at some examples below. So easy to use that anyone can apply these changes. Download PhotoInstrument and you can see short videos how this samples was created.
System Requirements:

Windows NT4,2000,XP,Vista,7,8
Password : No

Download Here :
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Hart Codeworks Smart Shooter 2.8 Full Activation | 11 Mb

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Smart Shooter allows you to fully control your camera from your PC, giving you freedom to explore and experiment to help take the perfect picture. Automatic download and display means you can fully evaluate your photos in seconds, and real time live view output will help you focus and compose the scene.

Scripting language lets you control your camera, allowing you to take multiple photos with varying settings just by clicking a single button.

Key Features
Smart Shooter is aimed at both the professional and amateur photographer, providing them with the following features:
- Remote camera control via USB cable
- Full control of camera settings
- Photo download and display on you computer
- Real time zooming/panning photo display
- Live View display including overlay mode
- Live View recording of each frame to JPEG file
- Bulb shooting with timed exposure
- JPEG and RAW file formats
- Connect and control multiple cameras
- Automatic control via scripting
- Tethered shooting with automatic download and preview

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